tandiTandi has been involved with software development for more than 15 years.  After graduating with a BSc degree in Computer Science she began her career as a software developer.  In the beginning she was primarily a VB front-end developer but gradually progressed more and more to back-end development, creating tables, stored procedures, triggers, views and all the other objects needed in a SQL Server database.

Later she attended a lecture by Ralph Kimball on Data Warehousing and was immediately smitten by data and the analysis of it.  The concept of data simply being ‘the stuff that had to be stored in the database in order to process the transaction’ suddenly became the notion that the data could actually speak to one and give strategic insights into the business.  Data had the potential to show where things were failing and why, and where the opportunities to expand the business further lay.  In other words data became interesting!

Since then Tandi has worked on numerous Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence projects.  She has written the ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) routines to populate staging databases and the data warehouse, created cubes over the data in the data warehouse, and written many reports and dashboards to present the data in a meaningful way.

She has done similar work in Master Data where she wrote interfaces between various systems to clean and map disparate data and highlight data exceptions which required manual intervention to correct and map.